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Beautiful Blooms in the Mitten




Our Mission

To provide the highest-quality, most diverse offering of Michigan-grown cut flowers and foliages for the floral trade with the convenience of a once-weekly, aggregated marketplace. We aim to grow the market for locally-grown flowers and foliages and facilitate relationships and education between farmers, florists, and end users.

What We Do

The Michigan Flower Growers' Cooperative started in the summer of 2016 with a series of conversations lead by Amanda Maurman and flower growers in the greater Ann Arbor area about how best to serve the needs of growers through marketing and distribution of their products to the wholesale market. 

The Michigan Flower Growers' Cooperative is a member-based cooperative of flower growers in Michigan and northern Ohio. Members of the cooperative sell wholesale flowers, foliage, succulents and other ornamental plants to florists, floral designers, and wholesale distributors who want fresh, high quality local products at competitive prices.

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Robert C. Barnes Sr. Marketplace Hall
16 South Washington
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Market Hours

Wednesdays 8 AM - 11 AM

April 11-October 24

Who We Are


amanda maurmann

With the loving support of my family, I own and run a small cut flower farm and design studio out of my home in Ann Arbor. I utilize organic and sustainable practices and I love growing a diversity of unique and interesting blooms that inspire creative and natural design. I design for small weddings, events, and funerals, and also cooperate with the Slow Farm on Whitmore Lake Road to provide u-pick flowers for the public.  I work with what is in season first, and love to collaborate with other local growers. I only source from other American farms when absolutely needed


alex cacciari

I own and operate Seeley Farm in Ann Arbor with my husband, Mark Nowak. We grow certified organic vegetables and cut flowers for sale to farmers’ markets, chefs and grocery stores. 

I got bit by the flower bug five years ago when I planted two beds of mixed flowers as an afterthought along with our vegetable plantings. Those two beds quickly grew to almost a half acre of mixed annual flowers and foliage, a growing collection of dahlias, and new perennial plantings every year. I like to arrange with unique ingredients like foraged greenery, vegetables and herbs. I've also been experimenting with lots of everlasting varieties as a way to enjoy locally grown flowers all season long.

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I am the co-owner of Sunseed Farm, a diversified vegetable farm selling to chefs, grocery stores, and our CSA members since 2009. Flowers have been a side project of mine that has grown slowly and steadily into a passion. At first I sold a few bunches at the farmer's market, then I started a flower CSA, and now I sell to restaurants, florists, and floral designers in Ann Arbor and Detroit.  Each year I find more to love about flowers and believe that by helping to cultivate a vibrant and sustainable local flower market I am truly making the world more beautiful. 



Susan is a floral designer, artist and instructor who creates unusual, boundary-pushing floral art including elaborate headpieces, flower crowns, and her signature succulent jewelry. Her soulful, seasonally-inspired creations and floral wearables have been described as exquisite living artwork. Susan has trained with some of the country’s leading floral designers, including Francoise Weeks, Erin Benzakein and Holly Chapple and has developed her own distinctive style of floral design. Considered one of the country’s top designers of floral wearables and living jewelry, Susan has received multiple gold, silver, and bronze medals in the Fusion Flowers International Designer of the Year competition. A passionate teacher, Susan offers private design instruction for new and professional florists in her studio and through destination workshops. 

Sarah Pappas.JPG

Sarah Pappas

Fresh Cut Detroit is my farm, founded in 2013. I grow as many types of flowers as I can muster, for just about any purpose you can imagine. I enjoy doing my own event and design work, as well as selling directly to consumers & florists. I have been working in agriculture-related justice work for ten years, and I'm learning more every single season. I completed the Certificate in Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, at UC Santa Cruz, and worked with some of the best growers in the Hudson Valley of New York at the Poughkeepsie Farm Project. I have farmed for The Greening of Detroit and Keep Growing Detroit, as the farm manager of Plum Street Market Garden. I am an active member of the Garden Resource Program, Grown in Detroit, and Detroit's community of growers. I have love and passion for efficient growing systems, collaborative education, preserving heirloom varieties, trading perennial stock and seeds, and advancing the aesthetics of local flowers.


Carole Caplan

Informed by permaculture and motivated by organic principles, The Farm on Jennings, LLC is committed to supporting the health and longevity of animals, humans and our environment by using practices that enhance rather than harm. Owner and experimenter Carole Caplan is an E-RYT 500 yoga/ meditation teacher and teacher-trainer growing veggies, herbs and flowers on a beautiful 11-acre farm just north of Ann Arbor. Facility rentals available for intimate gatherings, meals, classes and more.



Nate and Jill Lada

Green Things Farm grew out of our love for each other and their community. We started the farm in the spring of 2011 at the Tilian Farm Incubator Program. In 2013 we purchased 64 acres of conserved farmland on Nixon Road. We grow a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, flowers and grains.  We also raise pigs, cattle, and chickens. We started with a bare conventional field and work every year to build infrastructure and improve the health of our farm ecosystem. As of 2015 we are certified organic. We are deeply grateful for the support we have been given from the Ann Arbor community.


My original farm mentor once told me that food satisfies our hunger, while flowers satisfy our heart. It is with this bit of wisdom I set out to establish a farmstead in 2013 in Dexter, Michigan. A decade earlier, a summer job at the MSU Student Organic Farm turned into a life long passion for glorious, glamorous dirt. From there I spent several seasons in New England, earning my chops with some tough-as-nails farmers growing vegetables year round in Massachusetts and Vermont.  Now, back in the community where I grew up, flowers are growing everywhere on my own farm named for my two daughters.

Luella Acres is rooted in our passion for bringing the beauty of the outside in.  We are committed to growing practices that are safe and healthy for our family, our customers, and the earth.  We grow unique and stellar flowers and foliage for designers and florists as well as for our own whimsical farm inspired designs.

Marilyn Crowley_Pistil Productions.jpg


I started Pistil Production in a shady, land bank owned property in 2011. In 2015, I bought property in Belleville with two goals in mind:
1. Get a Dog
2. Plant Perennials.
Membership in the Michigan Flower Growers' Cooperative is allowing me to expand my flower production while still keeping my day job (for now!).  I will be planting Peonies next year and My pup's name is Mayor Mildred McPuncherson.

Growing Hope bio photo.jpg


Growing Hope helps people improve their lives and communities through gardening and increasing access to healthy food. You’ll find us working to educate, inspire, and empower the community — in schools, at our urban farm, at our farmers markets, in our downtown Ypsilanti retail shop, and around southeast Michigan. Through all of what we do, we work to Grow Healthy People, Grow Healthy Places, and Grow Healthy Economies. We love growing flowers and use the revenue to help pay for our                                                                                                       educational programs. 



I am happy to be joining the local hoopin' and hollerin' of the small organic farm revolution armed with buckets of bright, colorful flowers. Raindance Organic Farm, just north of Ann Arbor, is on a mission to create a sustainable family farm that serves our community by growing great organic food and connecting adults and kids with the beauty of nature and the gifts of wellness. The joy of flowers brought indoors connects working people-- from parents washing dishes to engineers typing memos-- to the the soil, the air, and the water we all share. I'm so happy to be part of that connection.


Adrianne Gammie
Marilla Field and Flora

Flowers are a fleeting joy. They beg us to savour them before they fade, and then move on. They hold a connection to nature, and in that connection, a link to simpler pleasures. Marilla Field & Flora seeks to provide a source for that connection and to find the beauty in our surroundings. With seasonally grown flowers and ethically foraged flora, our creations tell a story. We grow all our flowers and forage at the Tillian Farm Development Center in Ann Arbor, and love to share our beauty with the community around us.


Andi Hathaway
Carlandia Flower Farm

Andi and her husband Carl are owners of Carlandia Flower Farm, a 40 acre farm in the rolling hills, near Manchester, Michigan. A new resident in the US, Andi is originally from Canada, where she owned a farm and worked as a zoo keeper for 15 years. Andi has a strong love for nature and has always been fascinated by the connection between humans and animals. Over the past few years, she has discovered the healing power that the plant world also offers us. By immersing herself in flowers, she found beauty and meaning during the process of grieving the loss of a loved one. In this therapeutic time of nurturing,
harvesting and arranging her beautiful blooms, Andi revealed to herself a new beginning. Eager to spread the beauty and joy that she experienced, she started sharing her flowers with family, friends and her community. As her passion and learning have grown, so has Carlandia Flower Farm. Andi and Carl also have plans to develop Carlandia into a retreat for others to find peace amongst the beauty of the flowers. Andi is excited to be part of the expanding local flower movement and to give back to her community with an abundance of fresh, seasonal blooms.


I'm Gwen Meyer, farmer owner of Coriander Kitchen and Farm, founded in 2015 and located in Detroit, just east of Eastern Market. I manage our 1/2-acre farm that grows baby transplants, full grown vegetables, herbs, edible flowers, and cut flowers. I believe in growing with diversity in mind, mimicking a fuller sort of ecosystem. At Coriander Farm, we grow using organic methods and a whole lot of love. 


We want our flowers to really say something, hopefully they even sing. Something pretty is just right sometimes, but we love uniqueness, complexity, and poetry. We love playful color palettes, big reaching structures, and wild imperfect bits. We love using what we have to turn out a collage of the here and now.  We grow using sustainable practices in Ypsilanti, just up the street from Sidetracks, at our urban farm and flower studio. 




Become A Member

Membership to The Michigan Flower Growers' Cooperative is open to experienced growers in Michigan and Northern Ohio.  We are a growers-only cooperative and market--all products sold through the cooperative must be grown on the members' own farms and gardens.

MFGC is a member-owned cooperative. Upon joining, growers become part-owners of the business, and gain the right to vote at member meetings and elect and even run for board positions.

There is a one-time cost to join the cooperative of $200, with renewal dues thereafter of $50 annually.

Click here for our Membership Agreement with instructions for how to join. Click here for the cooperative's Bylaws.


    How to shop

    Seasonal Buyers Pass

    Studio florists, retailers and event planners are welcome to purchase a Buyers Pass to shop the market and place preorders. The buyers pass is good for one market season and must be purchased annually. Click here for our Buyers Pass Application and instructions.

    Shop for a Day

    If you are a DIY bride looking to purchase and arrange your own flowers, or need flowers for a memorial, baby shower, or some other special event, we would love to have you shop the market for a day. Click here for our Day Pass Application and instructions. 



    Michigan Flower Growers' Co-op Blooms

    March 31, 2018

    by Trilby Becker

    700 x 700 cw logo.png

    Michigan Flower Growers' Cooperative Brings Local Flowers To The Table

    by Chelsea Hohn
    Courtesy of the Crazy Wisdom Community Journal. This essay was first published in Issue #69, May through August 2018. Copyright © Crazy Wisdom, Inc., 2018.



    The Michigan Flower Growers’ Cooperative (MFGC) mission is to provide the highest-quality, most diverse offering of Michigan-grown cut flowers and foliage for the floral trade with the convenience of a once-weekly, aggregated marketplace. We aim to grow the market for locally-grown flowers and foliage and facilitate relationships and education between farmers, florists, and end users. In 2017, the MFGC opened Michigan’s first wholesale cut flower market featuring exclusively locally grown flowers and foliage.


    The MFGC seeks a contractor to work with the coop to increase the competitiveness of MI grown flowers through administering and implementing the Coops “Cultivating Beauty in Southeast Michigan” project granted through the USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant program.

    The tasks to be completed during the project period will increase the competitiveness of MI grown flowers by growing the industries economic sector in both demand and supply. This project has three main components.

    1. Increase demand for MI grown flowers through an awareness campaign highlighting and

    differentiating the products directed towards current and future wholesale buyers and end users. This includes branding and a media strategy as well as direct education at trade shows and workshops.

    2. Assist the development of the MFGC, through supporting the market manager, developing coop

    infrastructure, brand and services, researching and sharing lessons from similar industry projects, and cultivating partnerships of both vertical and horizontal market sectors.

    3. Increase quality and variety of available product through coordinating technical trainings for

    current and future flower farmers.

    The contractor will work with Coop board members to develop and implement a detailed plan to carry out the projects objectives and specific activities in compliance with agencies policies and procedures. A comprehensive work plan and list of tasks will be crafted by contractor with the board upon hiring.


    • Administration of the grant, including financial management, reporting and evaluation. Set up accounting system and records for financial management and oversight.

    • Organize four educational workshops for members, prospective members, buyers, and prospective buyers; including finding trainers, approving curriculum and arranging logistics.

    • Help develop coop infrastructure and services including developing marketing materials with a designer, purchasing/contracting for a portable cooler and arranging for delivery services, allowing us to more rapidly scale up our operation.

    • Launch a state-wide marketing campaign targeting industry publications, journalists, and the general public to raise awareness about Michigan-grown cut flowers and the opportunity to buy them through the MFGC.

    • Attend/arrange for Coop Members to attend conferences, trade shows, and visit other cut flower cooperatives for educational and networking purposes

    • Compile project results into a fact sheet and disseminated widely to Michigan growers, floral industry professionals, and the press.


    • Experience with implementing detailed grants or contracts.

    • Ability to interpret and share financial details with non-experts.

    • Experience with computer software for desktop publishing, spreadsheets, communication and accounting such as Quickbooks, Google Docs, Square, mailchimp etc.

    • Excellent written communication and problem solving skills.

    • Ability to work well both independently and as part of a team environment.

    • Ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationship with sub-contractors, board, members, and potential clients.

    • Strong ability to set and maintain priorities, delegate, and follow up with volunteers.

    • Practice organizing and promoting events.

    • Experience in publicity and marketing.

    • Experience with specialty cut flowers & the flower industry is preferred but not required.

    • Interest in local/regional sustainable agriculture.


    HOURS & COMPENSATION: This is a contract position for $14,000, paid in installments after sending in monthly updates on the completion of the project, and sending in requests for reimbursement to MDARD. Hours required will vary with the season. We will track success by milestones, knowing that the work will ebb and flow over the season, we estimate an average of 15 hours a week.

    TO APPLY: Please submit resume & 1 page cover letter detailing your interest and qualifications for the project and why you feel the work is important at a macro and micro level, complete with reference contact information, to Bee (at) growinghope (dot) net. Please put “MIFGC Grant Administration Application” in the subject line.

    The MI Flower Growers Cooperative is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate potential employees based on race, creed, age, color, disability, national origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or marital status.

    We encourage the following groups to apply: people of color and individuals who possess an in-depth understanding of economic hardship and or the social and environmental costs of the current flower industry.